Public speaking anxiety?

If you’re fed up of feeling really anxious speaking in public..

If you panic when asked to deliver a presentation…

If you have missed so many opportunities in life because of this fear..

You’ve come to the right place

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Since 2000 I’ve been helping people change how how feel about public speaking. Most of them feel that it’s just them who feel like this.

But is this you as well?…

Scared of being the centre of attention?
I hate the focus on me when I am the centre of attention
I’m scared of falling apart and being judged when everyone is looking at me

Does it limit your life?
The fear of public speaking holds me back from speaking up in meetings.
I’ve avoided applying for jobs because there is a presentation to do in the interview.
My life smaller because of this fear.

Do you feel the pressure to perform?
I want to appear to be confident even though I’m terrified
I have to be funny, professional, sound intelligent, be perfect even when my heart is pounding out of my chest

Are you overwhelmed by physical feelings?
I feel like I can’t breathe and my voice always feels small
I have brain freeze and forget my words

Afraid of losing control?
I feel like my public speaking fears are going to run away and build up?
This fear has ruled my life and career for years.

Feels like it’s just you who feels like this?
Other people look so confident and I think it’s just me who feels this scared.
I don’t quite deserve my job and if they really knew who I was, they would judge me

Feeling stuck?
I have struggled for years and years with public speaking fear and really doubt that a two day course can do anything at all to shift it.

Preparation never seems enough…
I prepare and prepare and prepare my presentations but I still feel tongue-tied and get brain freeze

Undermine your own confidence?
My inner critic is really tough on me. I over analyse myself all the time.

You are NOT the only one

I’ve worked with 7000 people in 19 years. That’s a lot of people, a lot of courses and lot of fear.
So my goal is to help you move past your fears and anxiety, to live a life where you are not ashamed of, nor limited by your fears. So you can live your life to the full and do all the things that you really want to do.
That’s why I have developed a two day course totally designed to help people like you. It’s not like a normal presentation course. I’m not going to teach how to do powerpoint. I used to run a one day course which worked well for lots of people but for some it wasn’t enough. And I knew that the results from the two day course were consistently better
My course is about helping you build the confidence you need to be the centre of attention. Learning to connect authentically with your audience, and to find the words as you go. In other words it’s about getting your brain back so you can think clearly. And your breathing and heart rate back so you feel more normal. It’s about making something overwhelming, far simpler and far more possible.

I know that everyone who comes to my course will probably be nervous. So the two day course is designed to make it as safe as possible for you to learn the new skills and the new thinking you need to make public speaking more possible.

Imagine not being anxious every single day about being the centre of attention

Imagine that you are not bothered about what people are thinking of you

Imagine being confident that you CAN speak up

Imagine not being overwhelmed by fear

Imagine turning your fear into excitement

Imagine turning public speaking into a conversation

Imagine getting your brain back when you are public speaking so you can think on your feet

Imagine feeling at ease when you being looked at

Imagine fully taking your place in the world and getting on with your life

How I teach on my public speaking courses

It’s an experiential course (learning through experience and discussion) which builds up the learning in very small steps, sometimes very baby steps! We learn about audiences, what gets in the way currently as public speakers. So most of the course is focussed on learning these new skills and mindset changes we need to make to make public speaking simpler.

We do this by:
• Keeping the course numbers to 6-10 people so it’s a small enough course to have individual attention and big enough to feel like public speaking
• Individual coaching through the course
• Pair work exercises
• Group conversations and exercises, building confidence and changing what it means to be the centre of attention
• Gentle Public speaking practice, building on what we are learning all the way through the course
• Using ground-rules to set up the learning space to be as safe as possible
• Open to any questions throughout the course
• Clear Course materials and post-course materials
• additional help through coaching can be arranged pre or post-course

feedback about the teaching

John really strips back the fundamentals of public speaking, allowing you to understand the reasons you feel the way you do currently and how you can overcome these issues. The course’s approach is to build a foundation of basic principles which challenge your current thinking, help you learn to embrace an audience, assume support and gain more self confidence. I’ve no doubt that the techniques I’ve learned will be invaluable to me in the future.

“You are not teaching the superficial elements of public speaking, you are teaching people how to ‘be’ in front of others. How to be ok with that. It’s absolutely fundamental.”

John has a unique approach to teaching, which helps you to step-by-step become comfortable with being in front of a crowd.
Sanne de Vries

I loved the atmosphere (of the course). Relaxing, calming and the most important - supporting. It was incredible. I enjoyed the way you are teaching. I thought you would show us how to talk, to walk, to move, whatever, but what you're actually doing is 100 times more effective than that.

John was a brilliant leader in the session; hugely kind, empathetic and generous, drawing on a range of science, psychology, literature and his own experience of this fear - plus the experience of having tutored so many people - to offer us many helpful tools and suggestions. We all found different things provided 'aha' moments or helped us move that bit closer to our goal and it was helpful being able to test then feedback after each exercise -even just the opportunity to voice things you felt silly about and shine a light on being ashamed was of enormous help.

It had taken me about 6 months to pluck up the courage to email yourself to start the process of attending the course, with another 3 months to attend, after attending the course I do not know why it took so long! I had a total fear of public speaking for NO apparent reason after all! From fearing the speech which was ruining the wedding day for the last year I actually looked forward to the speech on the day. As the course taught me it was only a discussion between myself and friends. I have had nothing but complements regarding my speech which still shocks me and I enjoyed giving the speech which completely changed the day for me. 

talk to me

If you are still not sure you can email me to ask questions or you can arrange an initial consultation with me before you come on a course. This is refunded if you go on a course. Normally priced at £72.50 so save £42.50 or it's totally free if you go on a course. Click to Book

reviews about the whole course

Here are some recent ones. There are lots of reviews of the course throughout the website but they are concentrated here.

For me your course goes beyond public speaking, it reaches inside you and makes you realise that the fundamental reasons for fear of public speaking are in fact the same things that have caged so many other aspects of my life. Thank you.
James D

Wonderful, friendly, warm, enlightening are some of the words that first spring to mind when I think of the Public Speaking course run by John. The course went beyond my expectations and was a brilliant two days providing me with a tool kit to improve my confidence and public speaking. I can't recommend this course enough, even if you don't want to do any public speaking then this is a great course for gaining more confidence and not being afraid to be more you.
Katherine Senior

This course is fantastic and truly life-changing for anyone struggling with presentation/public speaking anxieties. The skills I have picked up from the course are invaluable and I will carry them with my for the rest of my life - worth every penny 🙂
Caitlin Yih

The course with John was excellent, so much more than just public speaking and a lot more than I expected. John's approach was absolutely perfect and it has given me the confidence to feel much more at ease both in personal and work life. Since the course I've delivered a presentation to a larger group of unknown people which I wouldnt not have been able to before. Would highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering it.
Mark Pitchford