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I’ve been a public speaking trainer for 19 years and worked with over 7000 people. I offer one to one coaching for people who want to explore communication skills, public speaking confidence, or presentation skills. It’s often very helpful to have a totally focussed session for your individual needs. A lot of public speaking challenges are often about how we think about it so coaching can be very helpful in reframing how we see it. The coaching can be taken pre /post course or with no course at all! Pre-course coaching has been very helpful for people who are scared of public speaking and is really useful in reassuring that the course is right for them. I’ve often also helped people rethink their presentations in the nick of time! You can come to my office in Bath, phone 01225 425300 or via skype "johndawsonbristol". Sessions are usually one hour but I also offer an introductory deal for the first consultation. Scroll down to see my coaching prices and packages.

The session gave me a great insight as to WHY I feel nervous and apprehensive before speaking in front of groups of people.  I learned some excellent quick tips for addressing these nerves and managing them as much as possible.  I look forwards to learning more and practicing some of these in the full course.

"Had I not met with John one-to-one, I would never have found the courage to attend a speaking course"

I just thought I would share this with you, as I thank you again for the one to one session.
I have just won the short story slam at our local library. Seven people had five minutes to stand up and read a short story out. I entered ita few months ago but did not get placed. Tonight however, I was able to breath, make eye contact, speak slowly, add facial expression and generally share my story in a much more relaxed and enjoyable manner. And I won! It’s the first competition I have won with my writing and the first cash prize so it is very exciting, and I really do thank you for the techniques you shared with me.


Not sure? Want to a pre-course consultation? It’s just £30 instead of £72.50 - totally refunded if you come on a course

You can ask me questions, find out how I work, talk to me about your issues and what is worrying you about public speaking etc.  Sometimes the coaching for some people is enough! I don’t hold back on my expertise on a coaching session. Book here.
To get the refund you need to book a course within 7 days of the coaching.

one-to-one coaching sessions

Sessions are usually done over the phone or Skype or Zoom or if you live close by, at my house in Larkhall, Bath.
Contact me by email or phone 01225 425300 to arrange sessions.

1 x Half Hour Session:  £72.50 (inc VAT)
3 x Half Hour Sessions: £185 (inc VAT) a saving of £32.50 on individual rate
(to be taken over 4 months)
6 x Half Hour Sessions:  £295 (inc VAT) a saving of £140 on individual rate
(to be taken over 9 months. Includes unlimited email support between sessions)

1 x Hour Session:  £145 (inc VAT)
3 x Hour Sessions: £375 (inc VAT) a saving of £60 on individual rate
(to be taken over 4 months)
6 x Hour Sessions:  £600 (inc VAT) a saving of £275 on individual rate
(to be taken over 9 months. Includes unlimited email support between sessions)

The course coaching package:
(only available if you are also booking on to a course)
This provides one pre-course half hour session and one post-course hour long one to one coaching session.  Some people really appreciate having a one-to-one with me before they come on a course to help them understand their issues around public speaking fear. This can enable them to get far more out of the course.The post-course session helps deepen your learning, to explore any issues that may have come up and to plan using and practising your new skills.
£145 (inc VAT)
(1 pre-course 30 minute session, 1 post-course 60 minute session)
Email me for more information or to book an appointment.

Not sure if my courses are suitable for you? Want to speak to me directly? Book a half hour consultation for £30. Refunded if you book a course within 7 days.
 Save £42.50 Normal price of 30 minute consultation £72.50

Book an appointment online

To book an appointment - go to the booking page for coaching sessions or send me an email if you need a coaching session quickly
There are instructions on how to book and it's very easy on the page

More feedback from coaching sessions

review of a 30 minute coaching session
The session was illuminating. As a coach you were incisive, direct and punchy in your summarising, and it was like having a torch shone into my skills cupboard!
I wrote a short list of the points you drew out and jotted down the phrase you used about “what brings you alive”. This has shifted my focus to focussing on looking at what has worked and why in the different jobs I have done.
Although I started out by stating that I wanted to feel more confident when introducing myself to people, I got far more out of it than that. I got an illuminating snapshot of my evolving self, that is in need of further exploration!
Many thanks for the guidance!
Best wishesAnna

30 minutes isn't long so I try to get a real focus to the session if I can
Hi John,
I wanted to say how helpful I thought our conversation was today. You have such a calm manor and highlighted to me the unhelpful patterns I have been getting into. The stories you tell help to give more meaning to the ideas you talk about. I'm really looking forward to practicing your techniques, learning to be confident and booking onto a 2 day course! Brilliant experience of coaching.
Thank you so much

review of a 30 minute coaching session
The thirty minute coaching call with John Dawson has left me completely inspired and enthusiastic. Prior to the call, John had asked what I would like to focus on, I had selected 'how to structure my presentation', I felt that I had a lot of information and no idea of how to put this across in what was to be an important presentation. I started our Skype call by giving a very brief overview of the subject. John started immediately to ask me smart questions that made me truly think about the audience's perspective, my motives, the big idea, etc. I can honestly say that even in the first few minutes, I felt a big 'aha' moment and my entire focus for the presentation shifted and came alive. John made excellent suggestions on how to involve the participants, made clear suggestions as to the balance of time, shared a simple and highly effective PDF and left me with a sense of clarity. He refreshed much of the passion, confidence and inspiration from the two day course that I attended with him (two years ago). In short, in thirty minutes, John has transformed my overview of the presentation from a mass (or a mess) of ideas that I would be sharing into an interactive presentation that I would love to sit through myself. John Dawson, you are inspiring, calm, knowledgeable, empathetic and awesome and every presenter should spend time talking to you.

"Facing the rather daunting prospect of delivering a series of key presentations to several large groups which I was quite apprehensive about, my immediate reaction was to talk to John having previously attended one of his excellent public speaking courses.  John listened very carefully to my concerns and was enormously helpful in reinforcing the key messages from the course and provided an amazing insight into the situation I will be managing. He encouraged me to plan my approach in a very different way and has transformed my trepidation into actual enthusiasm! "
‘Senior Executive in a large international organisation’

I did the two day public speaking course a short time ago with John. Whilst I gained a huge insight into understanding the fears behind public speaking and how to change the thought patterns associated with perpetuating this fear, I came away feeling that I still wasn't as confident as I imagined I would be after the course. In my day-to-day life, I don't have to do presentations or speak in public that regularly, so I was also concerned I wasn't going to be able to put things into practice straight away and I was going to forget everything I had learned.
I mentioned this to John in the post-course feedback and he straight away offered me coaching over the phone. This extra hour was really beneficial to me. Not only did it serve as a short recap but he gave me a further insight into the small things I can do everyday to overcome this feeling of not being able to practice in front of a large group, means not practicing at all. Suffice to say, there are many things I can do and this session really helped cement that.
John is so passionate about helping people build confidence, not only surrounding public speaking but in many other aspects of life. I really feel like he has given me some invaluable tools and skills, which I will use everyday.