"Imagine being at ease when you are the centre of attention"

Are you scared of being the centre of attention?  Do you suffer from stage fright? Have you stopped yourself from doing presentations because of this fear?

Has the fear of public speaking impacted on your career or personal life? Does your brain seem to disappear when you present?
Or does it seem to be full of self-criticism and knowledge that the audience is really judging you and is bored already and you are only five minutes into your speech?

People have left jobs, not got married, dropped out of university, got themselves demoted because of this fear. One guy I worked with changed countries so he had the excuse that he couldn't speak the language in order to get out of public speaking. A participant who was a senior army officer said "I'd rather fight the Taliban than do public speaking".
You are not alone.

Do you want to change that fear of public speaking and become far more comfortable about having everyone's eyes on you?
Do you want to have more impact and feel more at ease with public speaking and presentations?
Do you want to be an authentic speaker and move away from having to perform and be someone different?

In my public speaking courses you really CAN change the way you speak and feel in front of people. Even if you have been scared for years, you CAN learn how to be more self-confident. And then life can be different. If you can start to relax around public speaking you can actually then get on with life and the things you want to do.

I'm John Dawson and I’ve been running public speaking courses since 2000 with people at all levels of speaking experience who want to be more comfortable, more themselves and more effective in front of people. I run over 60 courses a year - it's my full time job and it's my life's work. And luckily I love doing it!

authentic public speaking

The approach I use on speaking courses makes it possible to be more yourself rather than putting on a performance or staying in fear.  As your confidence grows you will develop into being passionate, connected, conversational and creative when it comes to presentations. Audiences are really looking for speakers they can trust, they are seeking authenticity. And to get to that level of authentic speaking we need to learn the real fundamentals of public speaking.

Public speaking audience, blank faced audience

it's really possible to change how you feel about public speaking

My passion is to help you feel more comfortable or at least make it feel more possible for you to take your place in life in front of people. I've had lots of people who are very nervous radically change how they see public speaking. People who have made major shifts in their whole lives because they feel liberated from the fear that's been holding them back. For others in a leadership role, the ability to be clear, focussed, spontaneous and be in the present when they under pressure has been the important gain.

does it work?

I can't guarantee changes (it depends on you as well) but my aim is to serve you as well as I can.
But don't just take my word for it. I've got hundreds of people writing about their experience on the course so please take a look at the feedback from participants. They show that it is really possible to change something that has worried you for years,  even in a short day or two. My approach is to simplify the process and to show you how you have been focussing on the wrong things. We need to shift focus and strip back all the noise in our heads. That's what we do on the course. To keep me on my toes and to reassure you, I also offer a money-back guarantee if you don't get what you want from a course. And of course, you can chat to me on the phone or watch my video to get an idea of what I'm like and what to expect.

what i offer

I run day courses, two day courses on public speaking, courses on re-thinking presentations and one-to-one coaching. There is plenty of information on the courses section of the website and talk to me or Annie if you are not sure about which course to choose.  But if you are nervous about public speaking, choose either the day or the two day course on public speaking (two day course is the most effective course if you are fearful).
I am trained to use the work called Speaking Circles.  It’s an innovative, warm and very human approach. I have been a Licensed Speaking Circles facilitator since 2000 and I am the most senior licensed facilitator in the UK.  There is more on my background and training here.

contact me

To help you decide, or to find out more, contact me, John Dawson or Annie Frere by e-mail on
john@speaking-infront.co.uk or ring on 01225 425300

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