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Public Speaking Anxiety

"There are two types of public speakers in the world. Nervous speakers and liars!"
Mark Twain

Mark Twain was wrong. There are three types. Nervous speakers, liars and people who don't want to go anywhere near the idea of public speaking. Avoidance is the number one strategy around public speaking

In my job I know all sorts of people are scared of public speaking. . So it's not just you, honestly. I've been working with people anxious about public speaking for over 18 years, roughly 6,500 people. 

You could say my trade is fear. Although really it's about helping people to feel confident
But fear is where the story starts. My participants have often been avoiding public speaking for years and they are fed up of it impacting their jobs and their lives.

Public speaking fear is often the wrong thing to call it because people are scared about being the centre of attention, or their face going red, or not looking right. So a  large part of public speaking anxiety is about standing up and being the focus of attention. The speaking bit is of course important too. People are worried that they are not interesting enough, or people in the audience will judge them or that their inner critic is telling them how rubbish they are. 

people talk about why they come on my courses

My raging fear of public speaking.  It's like something else has taken over my body and I'm counting all the people that are there and processing the negative vibe I'm giving out to each and every one of them my body almost shuts down!

I become very nervous and tongue-tied doing the 'round the group' introductions or individual 'checking in' with a group. Big surge of adrenalin/pounding heart. I lose my words and any articulacy- my mind goes blank. This impacts on me so I withdraw myself from presenting/asking questions at a large venue/attending groups and not persuing anything in my professional/private life that could involve public speaking. I would like to start to take control of this reaction in me as my life direction could change- and I think I would enjoy it!

: I have a mental block when it comes to public speaking and it feels like it hangs over me. I really dread the thought of doing it despite the fact I have done it previously and been okay at it. I feel like it affects my personality in the build-up to a presentation (weeks/months before) and I get tense and abrupt/short with people around me