Re-thinking presentations: Beyond the fundamentals (scroll down for dates)

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About the Course (scroll down for dates):

Do you want to develop your skills to be a good presenter with or without PowerPoint?  Do you want to work with what the audience really wants?
There are 40 million PowerPoint presentations done every working day around the world: how many of those are simply reading out slides? What would it mean to re-think presentations and bring them fully alive?  This course will help you to re-think presenting by bringing simplicity, integrity and passion to your presentations and helping you learn about the best ways to connect with your audience.  Can we be ourselves and be conversational in a presentation?
The course is not anti PowerPoint - it's about finding new and better ways of presenting.

  • This course is NOT for you if you are really scared of public speaking. If you want to work on confidence issues it's really important to do a one day course Public Speaking Fundamentals or the 2 day course, Taking your place in the world.
  • There are 6-8 places only on this course. This ensures that everyone receives great attention.
  • The course includes:
    -understanding audiences and what they want
    -working with presence, why silence/pauses are so effective for presenting
    -simplifying the presentation process
    -powerful beginnings
    -the importance of stories
    -audience interaction and more presence
  • 2 half hour sessions of one-to-one coaching are also offered at no extra charge with this course. These can be taken both pre-course and post course. This helps you get the most out of the course.
  • You will need to bring a presentation/ a presentation idea or some topic that you want to explore for five minutes. It doesn't have to be totally prepared but it would be great if the subject is personally important to you (that includes work related presentations).  We will use and develop this presentation through the course.  It doesn't have to be a PowerPoint based presentation but of course it can be. The pre-course coaching session with me will help you answer any questions you might have.

Thurs 14th & Fri 15th June 2018 in Bristol

'The Authentic Presenter' - a 2 day course in Bristol

Venue: Armada House, Telephone Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4BQ
Times:  9.30am - 5pm Thursday, 9.30 am - 4pm Friday
Course numbers:  6 people min - 8 people max

Individuals paying for themselves
Earlybird:  £395 + vat (£474)
Standard price: £450 + vat (£540)

Organisations paying for their people to come
Earlybird:  £495 + vat (£594)
Standard price £550 + vat (£660)    

To book a place or to get further information either email John or Rebecca or ring 01225 425300

Reviews of the 're-thinking presentations' course:

"I got a more structured, intelligent way to think about presenting and crafting a presentation. I really liked the tips, examples, and tools. I also enjoyed interacting with the others. I liked the tone, the informality, but the professionalism. I also really liked the chance to work on talks/presentations with the others in the group."
Brett Rubinstein

Hi John,
I feel the course has fundamentally changed me in a good way - thank you so much. Here is my feedback.

What did you want from the course?
I wanted to be more confident in presentations and more varied in how I deliver presentations.

Did you get it?
I learnt a lot about myself and had a safe forum to have my thinking challenged and to practice just being present. The feedback you gave me was so powerful as well as peer feedback in the sessions. I have improved the way I am not only presenting but doing reports, chairing meetings etc. I have also passed on some of what I have learnt to others for example supporting people in interview preparation and in presentation planning. I did amend my presentation again and delivered it at our service user safety, Trustwide group. It went really well.

What could be improved about the course/facilitation?
Nothing - our Trust just needs more of it.

What did you like about the course/facilitation?
John you were excellent. The atmosphere was really good - engaging, challenging, supporting and safe. The observations you made and feedback to me were so insightful and helpful. You made yourself available to us not only in the taught sessions but in the breaks and during our presentation preparation.
The course is fantastic.

Please feel free to add any other comments if you wish
I have been telling other staff about the course and I hope more are put on, The only thing that could be improved is the way it is advertised and explained in the Trust - it was much more than I anticipated.

Lisa Johnson, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust,


Sally Bramley's feedback

What did you want from the course?
To explore how to do presentations differently. How to be braver and more creative and put the power back into PowerPoint.

Did you get it?
Yes absolutely. Exceeded my expectations. More depth than I had anticipated as it became more about the process of creating presentations,  me and what I want to say/values etc rather than just the product. Don’t need power point or less is more if I do use it.

What could be improved about the course/facilitation? Can’t think of anything…..

What did you like about the course/facilitation? The tone and style of the information beforehand, Johns facilitation style, the materials and exercises. How much confidence it has given me to be more creative, recognise my ‘presence’.

Sally Bramley, Consultant Occupational Therapist
Feb 2016


Your course has been extremely helpful and certainly was one of the best educational experiences.


I wanted to Improve my confidence at presentations, Space to think about how I present and Learn new techniques.

Did you get it? Yes

I liked the balance between theory and practice. And the practice in a safe environment.

Richard, NHS Service Director


This is feedback from the team as a whole at the Travel Foundation - see the follow-up 6 months after this feedback

What did you want from the course?
Confidence to present in a compelling and engaging way. Practical techniques to plan and deliver interesting, thought provoking presentations.

Did you get it?
We got it in spades and many people have already started applying it in their everyday roles.

What could be improved about the course/facilitation?
There was a lot of information to take in on the last session of the first day so people were a little frazzled but it all fell into place the next day so it was worth it.

What did you like about the course/facilitation?
John is an intuitive and perceptive facilitator who shapes the course according to the needs of the group. We liked the way that presentations were deconstructed and the way John re-enforced the techniques. He also fostered a wonderful “safe space” during the course so everyone felt encouraged and supported to experiment with new techniques and did not feel vulnerable doing so. It was a great team building exercise.

Any suggestions for future courses
More time to practice before presenting.

Please add any additional thoughts about the course if you have any
Everyone in group commented that it was one of (or) the best training course they’ve ever done. It felt like we went through a journey of discovery together and everyone grew from it.

Six months later

The Travel Foundation follow up feedback

Your course has had a huge impact on me and the team, on an almost weekly basis people mention how much we got out of the 2 days. For me personally, I have presented 4 times since the course and have used your techniques for every single one. Our annual meeting in September was my biggest test and we had feedback from more than half the audience to say it was the best presentation I’d ever done. I couldn’t help but shed a tear at one point when I was telling a personal story and was amazed to see many in the audience doing the same.
A number of others in the team have also applied what you taught us and unanimously agree it has fundamental changed the way they present. It has made them more confident and more motivated to present the work that we do.
I can’t thank you enough.
Kind regards,


 Many thanks to you. I found the course a great help to me personally as I did the last one on public speaking.

I’ve given the specific feedback below.
I had a chance to try out my presentation yesterday and it went very well. More presenting opportunities arise over the next couple of weeks but I feel comfortable about them and well prepared.
Kind regards

1. What did you want from the course?
To revise the relational presence work from the previous course which I found helpful.
To pick up tips specifically about presenting and using PowerPoint – which were not the usual corporate fare of tell ‘em three times etc.
To spend some time discussing and working with PowerPoint.
To develop and most important practice my presentation in the ‘safe’ course environment.

2. Did you get it?

3. What could be improved about the course/facilitation?
I really like the way you run the courses and felt very comfortable throughout
The only thing that would have helped me is if there were a few more attendees on the course to create more a of ‘true audience’ atmosphere as that was one of the things I wanted to get practice with.

4. What did you like about the course/facilitation?
I liked the venue and process starting with presence
I like the properly interactive nature and the way you ensure that everyone participates to the same degree and no one dominates.


I really enjoyed the two days, great bunch of people to work with and the course was great, thanks John for the usual informal and friendly approach


pitching for business investment

Hi John,
I wanted to give you some feedback as to how it went last Wednesday.
I was totally shattered with nerves, but as soon as I got upfront I could see 'blank faces' and started to have a 'chat'. I was calm, steady with no nerves. It was the best presentation I have ever done and voted best pitch of the night. I have 17 interested parties and have been invited to speak at another event on Tuesday, Google House (50 investors). It went spectacularly well. The story worked beautifully and the finish got a few smiles and a huge round of applause.
Thank you for all your help, could not have done it with out your training!

I went on Johns 'Rethinking Presentations' course after attending two of his public speaking courses. The course was excellent and really took me onto the next stage in my public speaking ability. John showed us how to make presentations interesting, more engaging and ultimately, more successful. Highly recommended.


Biscuits were of a high quality :-)  and John you an authentic facilitator, you clearly do something you are passionate about and your care and sensitivity for the people you are working with is clear. This is very well received. I like the way this course consisted of a re-cap of the fundamentals, whilst not losing site them in the process of exploring structure.  It offered a good balance of spontaneity, forethought and simplicity combined to produce an authentic audience centered approach to presentations.
Mark Cole, Business Analyst


What did you want from the course?
To feel more comfortable speaking and to learn to structure a presentation.      

Did you get it?
Yes.  The two days were very helpful.
What could be improved about the course/facilitation?
Nothing.  Everything worked really well
What did you like about the course/facilitation?
John made everyone feel very comfortable and safe. It was great to witness the changes in approach by the end of day 2.         

Please add any additional thoughts about the course if you have any
Don't stop running these courses John!  They achieve far more than teaching people to improve their presentations. 


What did you want from the course?

Help with the creation of structure of presentation. Being able to relate better to the audience and generally feel more comfortable.

Did you get it?

Yes. I found John's course to be extremely helpful. It was conducted in just a small group of six people which meant that everybody received more than enough personal attention and lots of great feedback from other members of the group. I will use the skills learnt to help build a presentation for my company to hopefully win one of the National Business Awards we have been entered for and to help raise further investment for the company. The course gave me a great structure for this presentation, turning my initial thinking on its head and also provided me with a strong emotional hook that seemed to really attract people's attention.    

Frazer F, company director   


A huge thank you for the opportunity to take part last week, it was a great course....And what a great group, really enjoyable and interesting, I've learned so much.  huge difference for me and other experienced speakers.  Having you as an interesting coach who believes in what you're sharing made for a great course.  No hanging around. The right number of participants in the group enabled a good pace with just enough time for discussion. It was a really enjoyable course.  I've still got a lot of work to do but I now have the tools to help me.


I now have time to sit down and thank you properly for a superb course. I learned so much and enjoyed the whole programme enormously. The people were wonderful, your facilitation masterly, the process stimulating and the results powerful. I'm now looking forward to doing my TEDx talk, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the prospect!

I was looking for a course that provided a different perspective to presenting and public speaking to the ones that are provided by my Company.  I really felt that I didn't just need to work on what I said but how I occupied the space when I said it.  The course really delivered for me, I was fully motivated and engaged throughout and I left feeling like a changed man.  Today I delivered my first Finance presentation since the course and I gained much unsolicited praise for the simple, clear and engaging way that I presented the numbers. I very much enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.  I have already been recommending it to many of my colleagues. Thanks again John.  It was excellent.
Mike, Finance Director. (Mike went on to hire me to run courses in-house for his team over 2 years)


Your course was absolutely what I needed, I found it hugely beneficial and it has already made a big difference to how I talk to groups of people. The work that we did with presence was a revelation for me and it showed me that there is much more to presenting than just standing up and talking confidently. I am sure that I still have a lot to learn about connecting with my audience but I am on the right track.
Your approach makes complete sense to me and it provides a really good structure for both writing and delivering presentations that I am going to use from now on.

Ade Lewis Head of Web and SEO at Teapot Creative


Just to reiterate how much I enjoyed the course and how useful I think it will be. It 'does what it says on the tin', in that I have definitely completely rethought my ideas on presentation. In a way its quite exciting as I realise how many incredibly dull lectures I've been to in my field, where they are rarely, if ever, audience-centered. Now I have the knowledge that this is the key to a good presentation

thought provoking and very useful and enjoyable course - led in your inevitable relaxed and authentic and skilled way.


I really enjoyed the course, You are a great facilitator - no question

I got everything I needed from this course and more ... thoroughly recommended !!

I wanted to feel amazingly at ease in all speaking situations and Yes I got it. Profound.

It was fantastic. I'm due to put your learnings in practise next Monday.

I thought the facilitation was excellent. John is very skilled in making complex ideas seem quite simple and manageable but at the same time he challenges you to be bold and to get out of your comfort zone. I felt and feel really inspired to be much more bold in my presentations. I felt the course opened a door in my imagination and a figure on the other side is now beckoning me to be bold and step through to a whole new world of expression. Nice one – really great.