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What happens after they come on a course....

I’m often asked what are the results of doing a course. Can I guarantee changes?
Put simply, I can’t, because the outcome depends on the course participant as well as on me. But here are some stories about what happened after people came on my course. This could be seen as an exercise in trumpet blowing but I would like you to see it rather as a call to action for anyone who has been stuck around the fear of public speaking. You can tackle it. You don’t have to live an overly quiet life because of the fear.

Presentation changes

I wanted to let you know that I delivered a 30-minute presentation to 11 others yesterday. I was so relaxed, I nearly fell over. Seriously! I really did take so much good stuff from your course - and I've reminded myself of the main ideas you set out on a number of occasions since. And it worked. This has been huge for me

I've just received some very positive feedback from a presentation I gave on Friday at a national showcase.  I can wholeheartedly attribute my confidence to the skills I learnt on your course.

I attended your course in December last year. I found the course very helpful and just wanted to share the fact that I recently gave a speech to over 200 people and had some great feedback. This is in no small part due to what I learned on that day back in Dec.

I just wanted to let you know that because of taking your workshop, I finally reached my long-awaited turning point!!  During my 30-minute presentation, I actually felt unafraid - even comfortable - in front of a crowd of about 40 academics.  I made eye contact, my voice didn't shake, I felt confident - a very bizarre feeling!  There was even a point when I realised that I really ENJOYED being at the podium.  Afterward, some of my peers in the audience said that I looked like I had been professor for years already.  It was such a great feeling, especially to know that I can continue forward with my career unafraid.

Four Job changes and One Dismissal!

I was able to put my skills to the test at a job interview recently that required giving a presentation. I had the confidence to go and just be myself and not be afraid to loosen up and see it as a conversation which really helped.  
I got the job so am leaving my old job tomorrow- I really see your course as having such a big and positive influence in how I am at work and it definitely contributed to my calmness and ability to get on and give the presentation at my interview.

 ‘just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that since doing your course a couple of years ago, I've now become a yoga teacher! At the time it seemed like an impossible dream, as I hated speaking in front of others so much, but doing your course was the first step on a long journey and gave me the insight to see that it could be achievable.”

You were definitely sat on my shoulder this morning! I led an entire church service for 70 minutes, with about 60 people present. I kept hearing your voice saying ‘slow down, practice relational presence, assume support, chat to one person at a time!’....brilliant. I spoke between hymns and prayers, including a children’s talk and a 10 minute message, using only a few notes!! I had the whole service typed out long hand on the lectern (as usual) but I was able to move right away from it and only glance at the notes once or twice....gobsmacked! I felt the normal adrenaline symptoms but totally ignored them and just had the best time!

 “The most important difference which means soooo much to me is that It finally feels like I might really be able to be a teacher.” She is now a practising Pilates Teacher

Dear John
Just found out that I won my employment tribunal case.  The panel decided unanimously that I was unfairly dismissed (constructive dismissal because I resigned).
Pretty positive feedback for your course - there is no way I would have withstood 9 hours of cross examination unless I was able to take my place.


Four Weddings

Last weekend I delivered a Best man’s speech to over 200 people. It was 10 minutes long and had the audience vacillating between tears and laughter the whole time, it was one of the best moments of my life. You set me on an amazing and exciting path of discovery in public speaking and for that I am eternally grateful.

I didn't set the public speaking world alight but I got quite a few genuine laughs from the 120 strong audience, and what I'm really really really chuffed with is my confidence once I got going. I didn't slip up, my voice didn't quaver and I managed to speak from a set of visual queues - barely referencing the written speech. It was 8 minutes of my life I'd been dreading for the last 10 years, but it's now the 8 minutes I'm now most proud of.

I did my speech Friday. The speech went really well ! It lasted around 3 mins and everyone was laughing, the groom was so happy with me and didn't expect it,and literally everyone was shaking my hand at the end of it.
I was of course nervous and you could hear in my voice that i was nervous but it didn't really bother me,i could easily do it again if asked.
Considering i have left college courses because of my fear of public speaking and numerous events my life has changed so much, i have been more social and speaking more confidently with friends and family. The main thing i learnt from the course was the talking to blank faces with ease, it’s so simple but so beneficial!

A bride writes…I attended your one-day course in Bristol in February/March last year (and it was so helpful in changing my mindset. I have benefitted a lot from it at work and I know it helped me be the centre of attention on my Wedding Day in July without panicking! I had one moment of negativity when I walked into the back of the church and saw how many people were there, but amazingly, instantly was able to tell myself that they were all there to support me, and the nerves vanished

pitching for business investment

Hi John,
I wanted to give you some feedback as to how it went last Wednesday.
I was totally shattered with nerves, but as soon as I got upfront I could see 'blank faces' and started to have a 'chat'. I was calm, steady with no nerves. It was the best presentation I have ever done and voted best pitch of the night. I have 17 interested parties and have been invited to speak at another event on Tuesday, Google House (50 investors). It went spectacularly well. The story worked beautifully and the finish got a few smiles and a huge round of applause.
Thank you for all your help, could not have done it with out your training!

Update on Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Minutes after I sent out an email about this blog I get a letter from a deputy headteacher.
"You should know that I am going to be a Head! Thank you so much."