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One simple presentation tip that might save you two weeks of preparation!

It's not magic but it's a good re-think

When we think about preparing presentations we might believe that the presentation has to cover everything and it has to be perfect.
That’s way too much work and pressure for you and, frankly, overwhelming for the audience. Have you ever been in audience when someone has wanted to give you everything they know on a subject? It's boring and you don't learn anything.

So why not see a presentation simply as YOUR contribution to the debate rather than a complete answer?
It’s your take on the subject. You could see it as a start of a conversation rather than the full answer.

"So here is a 1000 page report. What I think is really important from this report is these three things and we should concentrate on just one of these today."

You have helped the audience by cutting down the information overload. Your presentation will be shorter and more engaging

And if someone challenges you for missing out China from your presentation. You can say " I was hoping someone might bring that up. What is your take on China?, tell us what you think"  You have started a conversation, it's more interactive.

If it becomes shorter, more manageable, more focused you will sleep better and your audience will be grateful.