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my new website takes off

I'm surprisingly excited/moved to launch the new look website. The important thing is that now works on tablets and smart phones etc. I know we should have done it years ago but I've been too busy training.

I really, really hope you like the new look.  It's been the closest I've got to being the editor of The Spark magazine again. Choosing the graphic style of the illustrations has given me great pleasure! The light bulb motif was a strong part of The Spark and it's good to re-visit and think of each blog as magazine cover.

And I know it's not quite finished.  We need to add booking systems and other things to catch up to 2016 style websites. But we are getting there...

So after a lot of hard work, I've got a smile on my face. Thank you Clare and Annie with your help thinking about the structure and testing it.



Update 19th October - news about my blog
For technical reasons I couldn't import my blog. So I've added the vast majority of my old blog manually onto the website and in the process added images to most of them. So now there are 53 blog entries.  I've left out ones that about address moves, really topical ones that were of their day and some that I think need re-writing. I've often added little bits to the blogs. The downside is that I haven't been able to bring the comments over. Let me know what you think. Thank you