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Part time job going here - note changed deadline to the 15th November

I have had some bad news. Annie who has been utterly fantastic as my administrator is having to leave for health reasons at the end of November. I am very sad but I know of course that health has to come first.
So the irreplaceable Annie is leaving and I need to find another administrator.

I’ve been running a specialized training business for 16 years which helps individuals overcome their fear of public speaking. The work focuses on getting people to take their place in the world. I love the work and the feedback from my courses is excellent. I need skilled help with administering and growing the business. I previously was the founding of the spark magazine in Bristol and worked there for 15 years. Although the website is called speaking-infront, I formed a company called The Public Speaking Company Ltd. And that's the formal name of the business.

the job
The hours are part-time and flexible (handy for school hours) and likely to be around 10 hours a week. After the induction Annie determined her own hours and often worked when I was training.
My office is in Larkhall, Bath.  You need to be good with people, great on detail and able to run the business when I’m training so you also need to be dynamic and responsible.  Help with planning new courses, targeting new clients and researching new venues will also be needed.
You need to be at ease with systems, computers (I’m mac based), au fait with social media, help maintain the website (easier than it sounds) and be interested in growing the business and positive change. We use quickbooks for accounting and basic book-keeping and preparing VAT returns will be part of job. Training will be offered with quickbooks etc if necessary

Free attendance on a couple of courses would be part of the training for the job so an interest in liberating people and ourselves from fear would be useful

£15 an hour

So would you like to help others take their place in the world? Let me know. Send your CV and covering email to me by deadline 15th November. Any questions just email me on john@speaking-infront.co.uk

More about the business and me: