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wedding worries - it's not just the best men

Since I started teaching I've hadthree women in my groups who didn't have wedding photographs on their wedding day. They came to the course after they got married.  More recently I had a woman on one of my courses dreading her wedding day. (Don't worry she loves her man). For her it was more about the fear of being the centre of attention for the whole day. It might sound a strange issue for apublic speaking coach to tackle but actually its really all about learning how to be comfortable in your own skin.  After the course she sent me this note "When I tried on my wedding dress again (after the course)  last weekend I also felt so different.  I felt comfortable in my skin and even excited that I’ll be able to stand up in front on all those people on my wedding day because I can be myself.  Thank you so much John for transforming my thought patterns and breaking down those barriers to being seen by others"

She is not the only person to have been scared by being the centre of attention at a wedding. A few years ago I had a man in my group who dropped a number of friendships with really good mates when they got engaged - just in case they asked him to be the best man. He wasn't even sure he was going to be asked but just in case he decided to forego his friendships. Painful stuff.

For many people the idea of the wedding day is not a happy one and that makes me sad. It could be a wonderful time. I think taking our place in the world includes celebrating our big days well. Learning Presence is about being able to be the centre of attention with ease. It doesn't take long and can make a huge difference to your wedding day. Re-reading this post I sound like a sentimental man. I confess that I am.