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10 unexpected consequences of having the fear of public speaking

These are all absolutely true stories that I’ve collected over the 14 years of public speaking training.

1. You might not get married because you are scared of the wedding speech

2. You might not control your drinking in social situations

3. You might get indigestion because you are too worried to speak at a business lunch

4.You might move countries in order to be poor at the new language so you have an excuse NOT to do public speaking

5. You might choose a university course simply because it has fewer presentations on than the course you would really like to do.  Or you might not go to University at all because of the fear of presentations

6. You might not want to win the really prestigious award because it means going up and collecting it in front of your colleagues.

7. You might not have wedding photographs because you don’t want to be the centre of attention. Or not want to a bride because of the fear of being looked at.

8. You might not want to enter a crowded room because people might look at you. So you can’t go to parties or other social occasions

9. Part of you might be secretly depressed because your wife has just given birth to a daughter and you realizeat 3am one morning that you might have to a wedding speech in 25 years time

10. You might not speak at your relative’s funeral and then regret not saying goodbye properly years later. That's happened time and time again.

All of these stories are true. I’ve just given you the headlines rather than reveal the details to protect confidentiality. And to be honest I've could have added 20 more. The fear of public speaking has a far bigger impact than many people realize. That’s why I am passionate about helping people re-think the fear of public speaking so we can get on with living our lives more fully.