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overview of my courses

I run three types of courses, further information on each type is outlined below:

Type a.  These are my most popular courses and are for people who don't like public speaking or want to get better at it.
Type b.  These are for people who want to become more effective with presentations and to re-think how they do them. They are NOT for people who hate public speaking.
Type c.  These are advanced course for powerful speakers.

a: 1 or 2 day courses for people who want to get better at public speaking
-  1 day course:  the fundamentals of public speaking - day course
2 day course:  taking your place in the world - two day course

Either of these two options are where most people start. I help people to develop new skills and new thinking around public speaking. So the vast majority of my courses are aimed at people who want to move from fear to freedom or terror to ease. I run over 50 of these courses a year for the public and organisations. Courses are open to beginners, people who are very scared, people who are occasionally scared and people who want to learn how to be far more comfortable speaking. The courses are not just aimed at business people, all sorts of people come. What they have in common is everyone who comes is worried about public speaking and wants to change. All courses come with a money back guarantee.
There is more information and the dates for each course here: day courses or the two day courses

how do you choose between a one and two day public speaking course?

Learning a new skill takes time. Two days is more time. It could be that simple - but if you want more...

  • Both courses have the same aim.  I'm trying to get you to re-think, re-see, re-imagine what we do when we speak publicly so you will feel far more comfortable in front of people. And both courses are run in a way that makes it as safe as possible to explore public speaking.
  • Both courses are open to anyone.  Nearly everyone who comes is scared, frustrated, anxious about public speaking. They can be a first year student, retired nurse, a business person who hasn't told their organsation that they are getting help with their public speaking, it could be a teacher who is worried about addressing parents' evenings. It's a mixed group.
  • Both courses are full of small steps.  When you are scared it's really hard to learn, so I've broken the skills and thinking down into really small chunks (not kid size) but adult size small chunks. So you can learn and reflect easily.
  • Both courses share day one.  So the day course is obviously quicker, shorter and finished in a day. In some ways that is great if you are really scared because it's all over in a day!
  • Both courses are run by me.  Depending on whether you like me or not that is a good thing or not.
  • The two day course is different. The two day course is far better because we go deeper, we have more time to understand what is getting in the way for you, the group usually bonds very well on a two day course, and you can see more change happening in the room (and hopefully in yourself). My best feedback comes from two-day courses and people seem to really make bigger strides in the rest of their lives after a two day course.
  • Day one on a two day course is more relaxed, if we get into an important conversation we can have that conversation, I don't need to rush you onto the next exercise. There is more time to reflect, and more bad jokes from me. 
  • The two day course is more money but in the long run it's better value.

feedback (for more feedback on my courses - take a look at the feedback page)

"I have been on various public speaking courses in the past and this is the first one that actually helped me relax and enjoy the experience of public speaking. I think the course and the facilitator's approach is excellent. Thank you so much!"

"The course was fantastic; I couldn’t fault it at all. In fact, it has been one of the best courses I have been on so far.  The facilitation was great along with the course content."

"John, I thought you were amazing and one of the best course facilitators I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Although it was quite a scary experience at times, you managed to build trust within the group very quickly and therefore made the course extremely enjoyable. You're clearly very passionate and it shines through in your teaching. Thank you!"


b. re-thinking presentations

Two day course to learn new ways/thinking for presentations.
I love helping people develop a more effective and audience friendly approach to presentations. This course is where we can explore new ideas to help you present more powerfully, understand how to work more deeply with audiences and how this shift in thinking has to re-shape most presentations. What do audiences need? Is it 70 slides of powerpoint or is it something that brings them alive. Audiences also desire passion, authenticy and new ways of connecting with them. We also forget that we really know our subject and it's hard to remember that others don't. So part of the work is simplification and that is not always easy. We tend to over-write, over-inform and over-burden the audience with information, (that is the same when you write websites!)
So this is NOT about learning to feel confident in public speaking but rather to be far more audience-centered. Although more confidence is a definite by-product of the course, its not the main aim of the course. So it's worth doing my two day or one day public speaking courses before you do this course if you are scared of public speaking.

For the full information about rethinking presentations - use this link

c. advanced course

powerful speaking
Are you interested in becoming a more powerful speaker? Do you want to explore deepening your presence, your courage, understand your values, and shape your story? Stories are incredibly effective tools. But what story are you telling yourself? Does that hamper your public speaking and impact? What story are you telling the world? Can we shape those stories better, can you be more effective?
The course will explore what is more important than fear for you. What do you stand up for? What is important to you? What journey are you on? What do you need to let go of to be in your personal power? Can you really let yourself have the space in front of people, can you slow down, pause and still shine? What risks are you prepared to take? Do you have the courage to be imperfect, vulnerable, passionate and present? How do you work with audiences better, can you create a sense of belonging, can you inspire change?
Phew, Can I fit all of this into a two day course or will it be three?
You will have to do some work and so will I. I want it to be the best course I've ever run. But it's still in development. So if these questions sound interesting to you, and you want to get your speaking to another level, sign up to this mailing list via the link below and I will let you know more when the course is fully emerged. People on the list will be offered reduced prices for the two or three pilot courses I will run.

become a powerful speaker advanced course information

All courses come with a guarantee

Here is my word.
Your money returned if you don't think you have benefited from the course in any way.
To get the money returned the following two simple conditions apply
1) you have to turn up on the course and be willing to explore.
2) and you e-mail me explaining why you are disappointed and how it didn't work for you. That way I can learn more and get better at what I do.
In 16 years I've refunded 3 people not because I'm stingy or argue. Only three people have asked.
I want you to be clear about my commitment to you.
John Dawson