Are you anxious about speaking in public?

I'm John Dawson and I’ve been running public speaking courses for almost 20 years. I believe that we can learn to see public speaking far more simply. I’ve worked with thousands of anxious people over the years who were leading quiet lives because of this fear.
I  know it’s very possible for even the most fearful person to move into confidence and learn to take their place in the world…

My 2 day Taking your place in the world courses are aimed at people who struggle with public speaking and want to become more comfortable being the centre of attention. This very supportive course takes public speaking right back to the very basics and it has been specifically designed to help you build your confidence in small steps. Find out more about the Taking your place series of courses here.

All courses come with a money back guarantee

"I never thought after so long anything could help me, but your course has changed my life."
Daniel Kelly

I entered believing public speaking was a pressured, perfectionist, fearful thing and leave realising its just a chat and it’s ok to be myself in front of others.
Nat Harrison

I would recommend John's public speaking course - an inspirational and kind facilitator who helped me learn to be comfortable being myself.
Jon Hayhurst


Do you want to learn to speak authentically?

Great speaking is about being you, being real, not about performing. Audiences want to see you and trust you. My training will help you to authentically connect to your audience. My role is to help you focus far more on your audience and step into being a more confident, creative, powerful, and compelling presenter.
Whilst still being you!

The Authentic Presenter 2 day (and one day) courses are aimed at people who want to change how they see public speaking, to make it more like a conversation and to further develop their speaking. Of course you might still be a little nervous about public speaking but it doesn't stop you doing presentations. Find out more about the The Authentic Presenter series of courses here.

All courses come with a money back guarantee

The course was excellent and really took me onto the next stage in my public speaking ability. John showed us how to make presentations interesting, more engaging and ultimately, more successful. Highly recommended.

It was the best presentation I have ever done and voted best pitch of thenight. I have 17 interested parties and have been invited to speak at anotherevent at Google House (50 investors). It went spectacularly well. The story worked beautifully and the finish got a few smiles and a huge round of applause.
Thank you for all your help, could not have done it with out your training!


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