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The One day course: 'The fundamentals of public speaking'

More dates to be announced in the new year

Our one-day 'Fundamentals of Public Speaking' course is open to everyone. It offers a short introduction to re-thinking public speaking and gives you new skills to make public speaking a lot easier. It's a course that has been run for the last 16 years and has changed many people's lives.  The group size is 6-10 people so you get plenty of individual attention.

You will learn how to:
• be more at ease when you are speaking in public or in small groups
• understand how to be more self-confident and what that means
• get attention without needing to 'perform'
• connect with the audience without being overwhelmed by fear
• improve personal and professional communication skills
• put into practice the 'New fundamentals', the new thinking and new skills we need to make public speaking a lot easier

course content

The day works in small steps but here is an overview:
Setting up the day - I will be explaining how we are going to work together and how to make it as safe as possible to explore public speaking. People often talk about how quickly the trust is built up and what a great group of people it is to work with. That's because the day is set up with care. I know that quite a few people may be nervous so it's an essential first step.
• We explore questions about what happens when we speak publicly - and what gets in the way? It's a really important part of the course. We need to understand how our thinking gets in the way. And it's really good to see that you are not alone with what you think about public speaking. And why evolution may play a bigger part in our fears than you realise!
Outlining the new fundamentals - a big part of the day is where we explore and practise the new thinking/skills we need to be more at ease when we are the centre of attention. These skills are explored in small steps. Building up confidence as we go through the day with experiential exercises. Small steps with reflection and re-thinking. And when we can think differently about public speaking we get to do some practise. 

Who is the course for?

  • People who are scared of public speaking.
  • People who are new to public speaking.
  • People who used to be good speakers and have lost their way.
  • People who are socially anxious.
  • People who hate the idea of having to perform when you speak. People who want to be better at job interviews.
  • People who want to be authentic when they speak.
  • People who want to be more comfortable just being in groups. Brides who don't want to be brides.
  • Grooms who haven't asked their girlfriends to marry them for years because of the fear of the wedding speech.
  • Father's of the bride (some of whom have been dreading the wedding day since their daughter was born)
  • and people who want to be better at public speaking...

Who comes?  It's usually a very mixed course.  People come from all walks of life. If you want to see a full list of professions who have attended, have a look at question 5 on my FAQs.
Dress Code:  Whatever you feel comfortable in. People have come in suits, smart casual and relaxed.

1 day course dates and prices

We are currently updating our course structure and will be announcing 2018 dates for our one day courses in the New Year.  In the mean time, we have added further two day courses - these are even more thorough in what they cover so maybe you'll consider booking on to one of those instead.  The dates are listed here.

Standby places:  Last minute places - last minute prices

If you would like a cheaper place on my courses you can go on my standby list. It works that you help me fill a course and you get money off. Get a place for £50 off the early bird price for a day course. Standby places are NOT bookable and are only released the day before the course. So you have to be ready to come at the last minute. Please note that if the courses are full there will be NO standby places available. Use the form below and add your mobile number to the question bit and what city you would like the standby for.

If you have questions simply give us a call, send us an email or return this form:

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