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advanced 2 day courses - becoming an authentic presenter

Are you interested in becoming a more powerful speaker? Do you want to explore deepening your presence, your courage, understand your values, and shape your story? Stories are incredibly effective tools. But what story are you telling yourself? Does that hamper your public speaking and impact? What story are you telling the world? Can we shape those stories better, can you be more effective?

Are you a fairly confident speaker but worried your words might not ring true to your audience at times?

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Authentic Presenter
- Level One

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Are you a highly experienced speaker wanting to ensure that your technique is still serving you well?

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Authentic Presenter
- Level Two

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The course will explore what is more important than fear for you? What do you stand up for? What is important to you? What journey are you on? What do you need to let go of, to be in your personal power? Can you really let yourself have the space in front of people, can you slow down, pause and still shine? What risks are you prepared to take? Do you have the courage to be impefect, vulnerable, passionate and present? How do you work with audiences better, can you create a sense of belonging, can you inspire change?
Phew, Can I fit all of this into a two day course or will it be three?
You will have to do some work and so will I.  The aim is to develop the best course I've ever run. But it's still on the drawing board. So if these questions sound interesting to you, and you want to get your speaking to another level, sign up to this mailing list below and I will let you know more when the course is fully emerged. People on the list will be offered reduced prices for the two or three pilot courses I will run.

Ideally you would have done my two day public speaking course before coming on this course.
You will have to do a little prep for the course but you will be offered pre-course coaching with me to help you focus before the course.
Post-course coaching will also be offered as part of the course.

Want to know more - sign up to the advanced course mailing list below if you want to be sent the dates and news of the course. That would be really helpful.
Or if you want to speak to me, call 01225 425300 or email me directly