Make a coaching appointment with John

Welcome to my new system for booking appointments.
It should be reasonably clear what to do but just in case here are the instructions.

These instructions can be read as you go through the appointment booking process.
1. Set your time zone below (I work with clients from outside of the UK too!)
2. Choose your date (not the greyed out dates. I can only offer a limited number of coaching appointments each week. I have training )
3. Click your date - choose a time and chose continue.
4. Fill out the new client form. Please note if you don't fill in all the form then the appointment can't be made. Please don't say "I will send the information later." It's really important to give me as much info as you can - you'll get more of the session if you do.
5. Press the complete appointment at the bottom
6. You have finished and check your email inbox and make a note in your diary! You can add the date to your google calendar or apple calendar in your email