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The other courses I offer

1. The Authentic Presenter Two day course:
For people who want to become more authentic speakers, to learn how to connect with audiences better. This authentic connection is vital to good speaking. Of course you may have some fear around public speaking but it's not overwhelming. Based on the very successful Taking your place in the world course but it's aimed at people who not very scared. You maybe, for instance, a regular presenter but want to move away from a dependence on powerpoint and think on your feet.  Questions that the course asks are: What do you need to let go of, to be in your personal power? Can you really let yourself have the space in front of people, can you slow down, pause and still shine?  How to develop the courage to be passionate and fully present? Can you move away from script to talking conversationally? 
Open to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking but are not overwhelmed by fear (see above for those courses).
You may have done 'Taking your place in the world' and want another course to deepen your experience. 

2. 'Deepening Confidence', 2 day course
This is a follow on course from taking your place in the world and explores further ways to deepen your confidence. We will still be using public speaking but also pair work and individual work.  Confidence is all about trusting ourselves more, it's far more than just managing anxiety well.  Mindfulness, Compassion, Building Resilience, Purpose, shift of Focus and Self-Acceptance are key parts of the course. 

Thurs 4th & Fri 5th October 2018 in Bristol
'The Authentic Presenter ONE' - a 2 day course in Bristol

There are spaces available on this course.

: Armada House, Telephone Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4BQ
Times:  9.30am - 5pm Thursday, 9.30 am - 4pm Friday
Course numbers:  6 people min - 10 people max

Individuals paying for themselves
Earlybird (by 14th Sept):  £395 + vat (£474)
Standard price: £450 + vat (£540)

Organisations paying for their people to come
Earlybird (by 14th Sept):  £495 + vat (£594)
Standard price £550 + vat (£660)    

To book a place or to get further information either email John or Rebecca or ring 01225 425300

Thurs 4th - 5th Oct 2018, The Authentic Presenter, Bristol
from 474.00
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